About IN.NO


IN.NO is the creative and audacious expression of your inner self. Forgetting established and serious ways of doing things to have fun, move freely, be colourful; and dare to dress differently. 


We create Editions, each a keepsake made with limited availability. Designs are individual, colourful, feminine and relaxed with a touch of unexpected embellishment. 

Editions are developed in our London studio, and made by boutique family owned makers in London, Italy, Portugal, and China specialising in small, high quality production using traditional machines and techniques, and hand finishing with a relentless attention to detail and beautiful craftsmanship.

We partner with some of the best stores in the world, whose customers seek a bold version of themselves.  We aim to provide products for our partners which are unique, and not available everywhere, including exclusives and made to order for us alone.

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